Bauer 2000 Pottery

Bauer 2000 Pottery

The Bauer Pottery Company has reissued many of the pieces first brought to us by the JA Bauer Pottery Company of Los Angeles. The JA Bauer Pottery Company was the "Originator of California Colored Pottery" and today their ringware design pieces are sought-after collectibles.  Many of these original pieces are sold for thousands of dollars. Thanks to the new Bauer Pottery Company, Bauer 2000 Pottery, is becoming a household name with thousands of pieces being produced and sold worldwide each year.   Bauer Pottery is already producing over fifty different items in fifteen beautiful colors.  Plates, Serving Bowls, Coffee Pots, Oil Jars and so many other items are available to help you create a functional and beautiful living space.

This site was created to showcase Bauer 2000 Pottery, to share information about Bauer 2000 Pottery,  and to introduce new collectors to this beautiful product.  We will be adding more pictures, colors, and information in the coming months, so make sure you bookmark

****News News News**** 
Bauer Pottery has just added Small Dog Bowl, Lug Soup Bowl, 12 inch Low Salad Bowl, and Water Bottle to their product line. NEW Products coming soon.  Also IVORY is here!

More Pictures coming soon!

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Bauer 2000 Pottery

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Bauer 2000 Pottery  Colors
(Past & Present)

Aqua Bauer Orange Bauer Yellow Black Burgundy Butter Cream
Chartreuse Chocolate Dove Gray Evergreen Federal Blue French Blue
Fern Green Ivory (New White) Lime Green Midnight Blue Parrot Green Poppy Red
Turquoise White
Bauer 2000 Pottery Products Presently in Production

Aladdin Teapot

Batter Bowl

Beehive Coffee Mugs

Berry Bowls

Bread Plates

Butter Dish

Butter Dish Round

Cake Plate

Catalina Pitcher

Cat Dish

Cereal Bowl

Coffee pot

Cookie Jar

Covered Casserole


Cup & Saucer

Custard Cup

Dinner Plate

Dog Dish (3 sizes)

Jumbo Cup

Low Salad Bowl 12 inch"

Lug Soup Bowl"

Classic Mixing Bowl 7"

Classic Mixing Bowl 8"

Classic Mixing Bowl 9"

Classic Mixing Bowl 10"

Restyled Mixing Bowl #24

Restyled Mixing Bowl #18

Restyled Mixing Bowl #12

Restyled Mixing Bowl #9

Monterey Pitcher

Oval Platter 16"

Pasta Bowl 9"

Platter 14"

Refigerator Cannister

Salad Plate

Salt & Pepper Shakers

Serving Bowl 14"

Sherbet Dish

Soup Plate

Spice Jars - 3 sizes

Sugar Bowl

Syrup Pitcher

Tea Pot

Tumbler 8oz 12oz

Water Bottle

Jardinere 12" 16"

Oil Jars 12" 16" 22"

Pinnacle Vase

Rebakah Vase

Ringware Vases 7" 9" 11"

Leaf Vases 6" 8" 12"

Soap Dish

Candle Sticks